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R&D tax credits made easy

What is it?

Simplr is an Online R&D tax credit management software. Simplr makes R&D funding easy and partly automates R&D reporting.

Connect to accounting software and maximise your R&D claims. Simplr is out-of-the-box integrated with Xero.

Who is it for?

The target users of Simplr are Accountants and Financial Managers of start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 

Simplr simplifies the preparation of the R&D tax credit costs for all organizations.

Benefits of using Simplr

  • Easy management of all R&D claims
  • Reduction of cost per claim 
  • Take on more R&D clients 
  • Increased revenue 
  • Accurate R&D claims 
  • Performance analytics

Track What's Most Important

Simplr is the easiest and most efficient solution for managing R&D accountability. 


Unify your claim preparation around a single platform and don't let a single data element, document, or to-do slip through the cracks. 

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Get your claim ready in record time. Ensure accuracy in just a few simple steps. Minimize communication overhead, data ambiguity and claim collection time.


Access support from our R&D on a claim by claim basis and only when you need it. Make the most from R&D claims.


Viewable on tablets to have ad hoc access to your claims

Access Management

Easy management of all users in the system. Restrict access to only the necessary parts of a claim.

Cloud-Based Technology

As a cloud-based platform, all of your updates are logged in real time. Don't worry about draft versions or getting lost in a stream of messages and memos. 

More Integrations

We currently integrate with XERO. More integrations on the way. Sage, Quickbooks, Zoho enthusiasts hold on...

Getting on board has never been so simple:


Create an account for your enterprise or organization.


Invite team members to join.


Ready to go!

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